David Ben-Gurion and Reform Judaism in Israel:

A Brief Assessment Marking the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of the State of Israel

Student-Rabbi David Barak-Gorodetsky, Ph.D.

As Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion played a central role in shaping the relations between religion and state in the young state of Israel. Ben-Gurion's attitude towards the Reform Movement, which was then making its first steps in establishing congregations and organizations in Israel, was stemmed from his political motives, but also from a surprising ideological approximation to the prophetic approach of the American Reform Movement.


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From “We Love You, Homeland” to “Awake, Arise”

Changes in the Attitude toward the Homeland in Israeli Songs


Talila Eliram, Ph.D.

Since the early days of the Zionist movement, many Israeli poets and composers have composed songs called "Songs of the Land of Israel" - songs that express the patriotic spirit and love of the Land of Israel. However, during the years of existence of the state, and with the expansion of ideological fragments, the nature of the songs of the Land of Israel also changed.

Read about the change in values and culture reflected in the songs created in the short history of the State of Israel.


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